I know it’s been a while since I gave you all a proper update on what’s been going on in my world, and Instagram pictures can really only say so much (little?)


For the past two years I have been on some what of an acting hiatus while working on other projects. I needed to do this. I’ve been working consistently since I was 9 years old. I found myself not giving a shit like I used to about roles and characters and in general, the world of acting and auditioning.  I found myself not giving it all I had, the way I used to. So instead I forced myself to work on some much needed personal growth. I say “force” because growing up and spending 20 years as an actress is much like having Stockholm Syndrome. It made me a hostage of the business. I wasn’t giving what I could to everything else in my life: my non-profit,my writing, this funny dumb dumb I fell in love with. Not to mention anything I might be able to achieve beyond just acting- writing, directing, producing. No. Acting had an invisible gun to my head, psychologically. I had tricked myself into believing it was all that mattered and it was all I was ever going to be good at.


So I took two years off, ostensibly, though I chased a few great roles here and there, ultimately not getting them and not deserving to get them because my heart wasn’t in it and I was allowing an agency that I had emotional ties represent me far pas their due date (I have since parted ways with said agency who I was with for 15 years.) These past two years have been the most difficult and ultimately rewarding years of my life. Besides getting married to Bob Saget. Err, David Allen Grier. Here are the reasons why.


The non-profit I co-founded with writer Mindy Nettifee, Write Now Poetry Society, has been growing by leaps and bounds. We received a massive donation and have been able to fund many amazing events with that financial support. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has asked us to come back again and curate an event for them this Fall. We have an array of fantastic writers and visual artists lined up for that and I’ll be able to announce the lineup soon. Put October 26th 2013on your google-calendars. “Going to Los Angeles to see some weird poetry shit w/ Amber Tamblyn”.


I’ve also finally finished my 3rd book of poems. It has taken me 5 years. It’s the thing I am most proud of in my entire career. The book , as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, consists of 1st and 3rd person narrative poems about the lives of child star actresses who grew up and died in their 20’s and 30’s. Women like Brittany Murphy, Dana Plato, Rebecca Shaeffer, Peg Entwistle, Sharon Tate and so on. Needless to say, the experience of acquainting myself with these women and studying them so closely was very difficult. It required I go into the darkness and stay there a while. The book is a collaborative effort, which is in part why it took so long to put together. Marilyn Manson, David Lynch and many others did artwork for the book, each interpreting and drawing the poems/actresses. As soon as I have a release date for it, I’ll give you every tiny titillating tidbit.


I spent a couple years writing my first screenplay which is an adaptation of the Janet Fitch novel, “Paint It Black”. I’ll be starringin the damn thing, as well as directing it. That’s right. Directorial debut. This should happen sometime in January next year.


When I got back in the swing of acting things in January this year,I did a couple of great films and a small arc on the Patton Oswalt starring show “The Heart She Hollers”. I also did a fantastic pilot for CBS called “Anatomy of Violence” from the guys at “Homeland”. I can say it was probably some of the best acting work I’ve ever done. Sadly, it wasn’t picked up and you’ll never see it. Thems the breaks. I played an FBI agent with a history of violence who, while chasing down killers, becomes the killer herself. Think Girl With The Dragon Tattoo meets Hanna (the Joe Wright film). One of the best written pilots I’ve ever read. Alex Carey + Howard Gordon = God. As television becomes more lucratively popular, it also has become flooded with quantity over quality. More in development, more cooks in kitchen.  So more and more the best pilots that are being made are overshadowed by the biggest names that are attached to the worst shows that are written (take for example, the John Stamos pilot that NBC is “retooling” right now so they can put it on the air. They aren’t doing that because they believe creatively in the vision and trajectory of that pilot as a show. They are doing it because that guy has great hair.) I’m only talking about network shows here, not cable. Anyway, here are some photos from “Anatomy of Violence” that I probably shouldn’t be posting, but I am.

Skeet as a masked murderer

Me as a 21 year old harlot in a very violent flashback. Nice extensions, right?




So there’s my long update. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the coming years. Err, my name at least. Whether it’s in front of the camera, or behind it, or on a page, or tattooed on your wife’s arm. (Gay marriage be legal now, Son! I’m comin’ for all your girlfriends.)


Thank you for sticking by me all these years. I am your number one fan.