The Tyrese Sessions- An Update.



If you don’t know what happened over the last week and primarily yesterday, read it here:


I emailed Tyrese one last time yesterday (as myself of course) after he wrote me saying “you took this shit public?!  Not cool… not even remotely…” I reiterated that yes I took advantage of a man that took adntage of another man’s cc list… but it’s all good- we should do a song together and laugh at the whole thing.  He said my music was “corny as fuck” and no.  Now I am 86% sorry, Tyrese.   

As a result, last night I got acupuncture in my knees while drinking Maker’s Mark.  Because that’s how a Thugess rolls.  

Because I’m not even CLOSE to being done with these songs yet.  

Where’s Amber Rose?  Girl, let’s DO THIS.  It’s not even my birthday.  But let’s do this.

Because I’m getting ready for more Fem-Squats, with or without the most beautiful man-abs R&B has to offer.




I wonder what song I will write today?  Rick Santorum?  There are so many gems that rhyme with sweater vest….