Winter Wind Album Release Party!



Please come join me at THE HOTEL CAFE on MARCH 11TH for my mom’s album release party!!  

MARCH 11th


8-9:30pm ( COME EARLY!)



I had a pretty fantastic childhood growing up around artists and musicians and beingexposed to the best culture money can’t buy, thanks to my parents. One of my bestmemories is sitting around a campfire with my parents and their friends and listeningto my mom sing and play her guitar. The smell of wood burning in the iron pit. Thesmell of bourbon burning in throats. The glazed cheerful smiles on everyone’s faces. Mymom Bonnie has written and performed music that has always had a way of bringingpeople together and inspiring them. All this to say I am incredibly proud and pumpedto let you all know that, after spending 25 years raising me and supporting me in somany invaluable ways (my Father too, especially the raising part. Zing!), my mamahas FINALLY put out a new album of some of her greatest songs to date. If MarianneFaithful made a baby with Hank Williams and Edith Piaf jumped out of her grave to writea song about how in love with that baby she is, it would sound something like BonnieTamblyn’s “Winter Wind”. I am not writing this because she’s my mom. I’m writingit because it’s true and I believe in her music. Her album is on sale today so pick up acopy. You’ll hear me on several of the tracks too. Congratulations, mom. You are a 60-something fox who can rock out with the best of them. The O.G. Ani Difranco. The Goddess of all 12 strings.  Hope to see you there!