ISRAEL!  Where do I begin.  I guess at the beginning, which was an email from HOUSE creator David Shore asking if his cast members wanted to go to Israel on a trip provided by the Ministry of Tourism and America’s Voices.  I had always wanted to visit and try to formulate my own opinion about the region and this seemed like an incredibly opportunity. 

Because there are so many photographs, I decided to put them and most of the detailed descriptions on the AMTAM FLICKR ACCOUNT!

I left with a lot of different feelings, most of which are positive.  On the positive side, I left feeling a stronger sense of spirituality and deep love for the human expierence.  The human struggle.  The pain of existence and trying to find a place we can all call home.  I also feel stronger than ever that organized Religion, in general, is a bad thing that should someday end.  I’m not talking about God.  God is personal.  God is None Of Your Business.  God is what I believe.  Religion is a way to remind other’s that what they believe is wrong.  It is a way to hold strange and dangerous power over others.  It is a series of political machines that corrupt faith and create wars.  I believe more than ever that God is very personal and we should keep it that way.

All this being said, the trip was life changing and if you ever get a chance to go, you should.  It truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world.