Incase you haven’t heard, the reason that I didn’t stay on HOUSE is because I am collaborating with it’s executive producer Katie Jacobs on a different show for FOX, which Ed Burns will be writing!  Ed Burns co-wrote and co-created one of my all time favorite shows, HBO’s The Wire. 


I’ve been dying to share this incredible news with all my fans and friends over the last 6 months that Katie Jacobs and I have been developing this project.  And it’s been particularly hard not saying anything to the press every time they asked why I was leaving House.  I wanted to scream, “No Mr. Ausiello, there is a REAL REASON and it is AWESOME and also I am SUPER INTO YOUR BLAZERS!” (Because really I am into them, the man’s got style.)  But alas, I had to wait until the deals were closed to talk about it, so while David Shore told everyone I was leaving the show, I in fact could only sadly comment, “…Yep.” 

The truth is, if this project hadn’t come together, I probably would have stayed on House if they’d have me.  It turns out, Hugh Laurie has some kind of  ferromagnetic pheromone and I am made completely out of iron (it’s all those Women’s Daily supplements I’ll bet).  I was spoild by his and everyone at House’s creative generosity.  That’s something that’s hard to find in this business and so is hard to say good bye to.

But hello to this new project, which I am so excited about, clearly you can tell, because I’ve used the word “excited” one too many times in this post.  As the article above says, the show centers around my character who is a young teacher in the world of public education in America.  Who better to tackle this arena than Ed Burns?  Guess what I am?  Yep.  EXCITED.  My mother was a school teacher for almost 20 years, so this topic is very personal to me, as it is for most families in America today. 


I will keep you posted on all the developments of this as they come along, including the Janet Fitch adaptation.  If you haven’t read it, Paint It Black is a fantastic read.  Hopefully I can turn it into a fantastic film.