URGENT: Amtam member needs your help!



Dear friends-

No doubt all of you know about the horrific earthquake that hit New Zealand a few weeks ago, killing hundreds and wounding thousands.  Well Joh is one of our long time posters on the old Rebel Asylum board and she was right smack in the middle of it and is basically homeless at this time.  I want to share with you the email I just received from my friend Kristin who knows Joh:

Hey laydee,
So we have seen some pictures of the building where Joh lives (see attached pics) and it doesn’t look good. 🙁 Not sure if she will be able to salvage much of her stuff, if any. At any rate it will be a while before she’s allowed near the building to begin with. So, feeling pretty helpless just sitting up here in Auckland doing nothing, I have decided to try and gather donations for Joh so she can buy herself some stuff before we head to America in a few weeks, and not have to keep eating noodles and wearing undies from the supermarket. She has been a good friend to me for over 7 years now, and I really want to be able to do something that will make life just a bit better for her now.house2 It seems the only way that we can help right now, is financially. So if you are in a position to give whatever you can to this cause it would mean so much.
Luf luf,
Kristin <3

If you can or if you feel inclined, please take a moment to donate to Joh at the below DONATE button.  If you can’t, at least pass this page on to any friends you know who might be able to.  Basically, spread the word.  And the buck.  Thanks so much and let’s help Joh get a sweet new place to live in!