Toronto Film Festival in a tiny, non-alergenic, eco-friendly nutshell:

I convinced my boyfriend to get (his first!) pedicure with me before we left for Toronto.  He painted them with clear sparkles.  Here he is, in all his tortured glory:


I did press all day Saturday and wore heels higher than God’s Complex.  (Seriously folks, he lives on the 5,000th floor!  Imagine!)  Sunday was the premiere, a very emotional one, but the crowd gave us a standing ovation and everyone was truly moved.  It’s gonna be a crazy Fall.  November 5th, this film comes out and my first episode of House airs on the 8th.

Now all I have to do is remember how to write a poem  again.

What else can I update you on?  Last night I dreamt in what I believe was German.  Dreaming in other languages you don’t speak is awesome.