It’s finally here!  My two-headed baby!!!  127 HOURS will be out in theaters on November 5th.  The premiere episode of HOUSE begins November 8th.  Mark your Hulunders. 

I also wanted to share this pretty interesting article I found about the 10 most bizzare people

Number two really creeped me out.  I read that more than 40% of us (humans) were born with a sibling attached somewhere on or in our body.  I don’t mean a fully formed baby, but the tissue and beggining fabrics of what would have been a fetus.  (Really, Amber?  “Fabrics”?  That’s what you came up with?)

Can you imagine?  Seriously?  “But doctor, are you SURE it’s not a bunion!!?!?” 

I’m pretty sure one of my buttcheeks was a rare albino baby hippo that somehow got into my Mother’s womb while I was being cooked in there.  Just saying.  


And now, Skippy The Whistle and I bid you adue.