In Regards to the fainting and all.


I wanted to post something today in response to such bogus articles as this one about 127 HOURS.

While the film does have a gruesome arm cutting off scene, I wanted to let everyone know that this is merely 3 minutes of the film.  127 HOURS is a film about a man who cuts off his own arm to survive, yes, but the film is not about  cutting off an arm.  There is a difference.  If you are squeamish, look down during that part.  But don’t miss the opportunity to see this film because bloggers and others are exaggerating what has happened at the screenings to make it seem like this is the 15th installment of the Saw franchise. It couldn’t be any further from that.

For example, At the premiere in Los Angeles the other night, there were reports that a woman had a seizure in the audience.  This is true, but the seizure came a mere 20 minutes into the film and was caused by diabetic shock.  So to state that “People are having seizures and passing out because of the film” is just not true.

It’s a beautiful film and a triumphant story that will leave you breathless and in tears.  Happy tears!  Trust me.